Electric press LT 25/25SE

Type: four-column electric press

  • Electric press for ceramic products
  • Possibility of manual or automatic loading/unloading
  • Energy-saving, ecological – oil-free operation
  • Minimal space requirements – operation without aggregate
  • Installation possible without special foundation


Extension options:

  • Automatic mould with mould lubrication
  • Material hopper with dosing and weighing
  • Loading belt conveyor
  • Robotic arm Mould
  • Cleaning module and inspection module
  • Safety fencing of the workplace
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Elektrický lis LT5SE

Press parameters

Nominal ram force:
250 kN
Nominal ejector force:
250 kN
Working stroke of the ram:
550 mm
Weight without tools:
3 500 kg
Ram stroke:
360 mm
Press dimensions (w × h × d)
1 350 × 3 000 × 1 450 mm
Press internal dimensions
900 mm
Clamping area of the ram and the table (w x d)
500 × 500 mm
Electric motor output
11 kW
Total installed power input
40 kVA
3+N+PE mains connection
50 Hz
Noise level of the press (max.)
75 dB(A)
Elektrický lis LT25/25SE

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