Electric press LT5SE

Type: two-column electric press

The electric press with a nominal force of 50 kN is designed to produce plugs for casting systems. The main drive consists of a servomotor with gearbox and interchangeable motion screw. A motion screw with a given pitch converts rotary motion into linear motion. At the same time, it rotates the tool and thus forms a helix in the pressed plug. The secondary movements of punching, locking and ejection of the mould are provided by pneumatic cylinders.

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Elektrický lis LT5SE

Press parameters

Nominal ram force:
50 kN
Width between columns:
600 mm
Nominal ejector force:
1 kN
Working stroke of the ram:
350 mm
Total installed power:
4 kVA
750 mm
Air pressure max:
0,6 MPa

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