Hydraulic press LT200/2x100SH

Type: four-column hydraulic press

Four-column hydraulic press for ceramic industry. Nominal force 2000 kN on the upper and 2×1000 kN on the lower ram.

A machine with the possibility of double-sided pressing. This concept enables the production of comple-shaped fireclay parts where a solid central mandrel is required.

Also included in the delivery is an automatic mould loader with a clarifier and a hopper with flap. Thanks to the clarifier, the mass is stirred and lightened throughout the entire batch, which results in better filling of the mould.

The press control was designed according to the customer’s needs with the possibility of recording and evaluating the pressing cycle.

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Hydraulický lis LT200/2x100SH

Press parameters

Nominal ram force:
2000 kN
Width between columns:
950 x 750 mm
Nominal ejector force:
2000 kN
Length x width x height:
1750 x1150 x 3600 mm
Working stroke of the ram:
400 mm
Weight without tools:
9500 kg
Ram stroke:
300 mm
Total installed power:
20 kVA
Working displacement of ram max:
2 - 5 mm∙s-1
Oil filling volume:
630 l
900 mm
Air pressure max:
0,6 MPa
Hydraulický lis LT200/2x100SH

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